Forgetting the correct direction

Once in a while this happens when I draw in my sketchbook

Forgetting what's up and whats down


  1. I want a hat like the dog is wearing.

  2. So, today I'm going to tell you about a guy named Cem. Cem and I became quite close for the two weeks I was in Istanbul, so close in fact that he placed a sparkler in a piece of wedding cake for me. I'll back up. Our first night in Istanbul we had dinner at the hotel restaurant. Our waiter (Cem) was a fantastic server. He translated the turkish menu for us and helped me pick something that wasn't spicy - a mushroom dish that was sooooo tasty. A couple mornings later while I was getting breakfast and I had very sleepy eyes (not uncommon), Cem wanted to make sure I wasn't ill.

  3. I love your drawings ;)