Original art giveaway – the lottery draw

First prize. From the front papers of ”The first in line” (2011) 360 x 280 mm.
Second prize. From the end papers of ”The first in line” (2011) 270 x 230 mm.
On december 1
We will draw the lucky winners in my

The event will take place at the house of Sanatorium in Strägnäs, Sweden. 
If you can’t make it to Strängnäs you can see the draw here.

We will put the names of all those who has ordered any of my books
during october/november from any of my online platforms, the blogg, tictail, etzy etc 

The lovely Selma, and her assistant Viggo, will draw the winning namnes.

The winners will be contacted by mail.

There is still time to join: Everyone that has ordered up until now, 
or orders before the last of November, is in the draw. 

Third prize. From the front papers of ”The first in line” (2011) 200 x 230 mm.

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