Animals and art

The relation between art and animals is a subject that has not been researched to a larger extent, this I feel this is a shame as many animals has a keen sense for the arts. I have not have the ability to turn my meager research facilities into a lab (as Ellis Nadler and his famed Ellis labs), but I have to do with what I can lay my hands on. I do most of my research at the local zoo.


  1. Lol

    Awesome, congrats!!!

  2. Anonymous1:52 PM

    vilka underbara ansiktsuttryck du får fram på dina djur! och dina texter tillsammans med dina illustrationer får mig att skratta långt in på småtimmarna.

    snygga horn på "älgen" och underbar konstnär som har ett härligt ansikte och snygga dojjor. :o)

    gillar oxå djuret med hörlurarna. du är helt fantastisk med pennan!

  3. thanks Maurico
    Tack Anne, försökte fånga ett en självupptagen konstnär (det är vi väl alla?). Älgar saknar lyckligtvis förmågan att se självupptagen ut!

  4. Funny designs. I love the antlered fellow.

  5. Anonymous11:50 PM

    ah my comment from yesterday seems to have gone missing in the blackhole of the interweb.

    nice one mattias. on a related note - what do you think of those painting chimps and elephants? is it all random or do they really have some kind of artistic leanings? hmmmm.....

  6. Unfortunately Nadler labs have been seriously damaged by a laser-guided laughter bomb dropped from a Mattias Airlines Baroque Bomber.

  7. I always thought elephants have a keen sense for iconoclastic irony in Paul Klee's art... but pull up their noses (uh...trunks) at Jackson Pollock.
    Chimpanzees have no time for Andy Warhol either... there's a song in all this somewhere...

  8. Mattias,

    As always, I am amazed and charmed by your illustrations. Wonderful!