Socializing in front of the old cathedral

Tried to scan the moleskine sketch in black and white for a change Hope you all had nice weekends, I went swimming with the kids, 3 and a half hours in the water sure takes it toll.


  1. Great work as usual. In the U.S., one of the things elephants symbolize is the Republican Party which gives this some extra symbolism for me.

    Did you tilt the cathedral to keep the image from being "static", or were you imitating the "keystone" effect(the way large buildings appear in photographs when the camera is pointed upward when photographing them.)

  2. It's so annoying when elephants stop to chat and block the pavements! BTW, what does the dandy wear to go swimming? Three hours in the water can't be good for your wigs.

  3. Terry, I seldom put much planning in my drawings, I like to put things in front of other things, like the Elephants in this case, I tired of drawing the Cathedral and felt more like drawing Elephants.
    Felicity I'd had some of my wigs lined with Teflon in order to sustain all the wetness, I refuse to leave style at home while swimming!

  4. Hello!
    This is first time i come in your blog, I'me very mpressed by your fantasy, your stile and your sketchs. Great! ^_^

  5. were you aware that elephants communicate in infrasound?

  6. Anonymous1:50 PM

    I've also just discovered this blog. I really like your work. I was wondering which ink pens you use: do you have a favourite brand? You have a very nice line.

  7. Thanks Ketty
    Neil, no that's new info for me, they are fascinating animals.
    Zoe, this is made with my Montblanc fountain pen with ink from montblanc as well.
    thanks all

  8. Oh man -- these elephants are soooo cool. As always, the architectural elements are brilliant... this one has a LOT of life and charcater to it!!