Is it the clothes that makes the man

Me and my daughters tried to print out some drawings and transferring them to t-shirts Olivia with curly coated dragon Rosa with Christmas motive New perwpectives Victory Asta is not to impressed and tries to look cool, hard though with that paper on her chin


  1. Man, this is totally cool!!!!I want one!!!!

  2. Anonymous10:10 PM

    Hey, those are really cool. You should look into selling these t-shirts.

  3. Yes I'm thinking about it

  4. Anonymous9:54 AM

    Mattias those look stunning! I agree with the other comments that your shirts could become very popular if you decided to sell them.

    Actually, I'm asked to do t-shirt designs too. Never had one of my illustrations printed on a shirt. I work with pen & ink, just like you and I was told that this could be very difficult because of the detail. Transfers like 'flock' were impossible with fine lines I was told. But now I see your shirts and it works great! Could you tell a bit more about the technique you used?

  5. Anonymous10:17 AM

    ooh those are brilliant I want one too, if you ever decide to sell T-shirts on-line you have another willing buyer :D

  6. Anonymous11:27 AM

    självklart ska du sälja t-shirts med dina egna illustrationer. dom skulle sälja som smör i solsken.

    du skulle dessutom kunna sälja: vykort, väggkalendrar, dagbokskalendrar (som filofaxer typ med spiralrygg eller så), miljökassar i tyg, "iron-on-stickers" (så man kan stryka på en av dina illustrationer på t ex en fläck på ett plagg som inte går bort), osv. det finns nog en oändlig massa områden du skulle kunna sälja.
    jag skulle definitivt vara en storkund!

    funderade igår lite på hur du skulle teckna en fotograf med kamera...hur det skulle se ut rent visuellt och hur du skulle bygga en story kring det. men det är kanske inte alls något du har funderat över. och man kan ju säkert inte önska heller... ;)
    men ja, det vore himla kul om du får brist på idéer...vilket du i och för sig inte verkar få.

    trevlig helg!

  7. Fantastic! Please make more and sell...

  8. Yes, please make them available for your fans!

    I don't know if you could sell them through CafePress ( I'm not sure that site is available outside America, or what the quality of the shirts would be like, but it might be worth checking out. I'm sure there are other sites elsewhere.

  9. Like 'em. Would look very good on a pair of boxers too. Socks? Ties? Goddamnit, anything!

    Actually, I'd quite like these on a mug.

    When's the shop opening?

  10. I want one! I'm serious ...

  11. thanks, i plan to sell but must check the best alternatives

  12. Brilliant idea! The dinosaur with the vacuum will be popular! Great photos!