Gothenburg Antiqua et hodierna

As e are leaving Gothenburg I want to make an inprint of the city, therefore I follow in the Swedish 17 century artist Erik Dahlberg (his great work is called Suecia Antiqua et Hodierna, the old and new Sweden)footsteps in trying to show our city to the world. Artists like to travel with comfort and I'm no exception to this rule, my trusty pygmy elephant have never failed me yet. Two pupils from the page turning academy in Würtburg, helps me with all the practical details, I've progressed from the king size moleskine to the more stately Imperial model. I always travel with a mobile fence to keep the groupies at bay, they're quite keen on baroque artists you know.. To get the perspective right Some famous Gothenburg places The Fish church (Feskekôrkan) Fishing boat (feskejõlle) the Lipstick, (läppstiftet) Gothenburgs only skyscraper The original moleskine spread Hope you all have nice weekends!