Mr Cthulhu part 6, back in leotards

cthulhu writing a book
With combined forces the Cthulhus together dictates their story to the slightly confused gentleman.
Necronomicon the sequel
and with some clever use of copy and paste they soon had a book finished, a guaranteed best seller
cthulhu in leotards
Working on a more scary outfit for Mr Cthulhus comeback the choice fell on leotards, the most scary clothes known to civilization.
mrs cthulhu and tv
With an generous advance on book sales, Mrs Cthulhu finally could afford a completely new way of living more in line of her deepest wishes.
cthulhu in office
Mr Cthulhu repositioned in his company again was the hottest name in the scaring industry, safe in the knowledge that if he were to be pestered by a competing scare company ..
cthulhu secret
he only had to sit down besides Mrs Cthulhu with some ill placed questions on soap plots to erase any upcoming firms from the scare sector. Mrs Cthulhu is very particular with her Television habits.