Mr Cthulhu part 4, domesticated

cthulhu in kitchen
With his company in hands of scary clowns and not daring to venture outdoors due to hordes of rabid poodles mr Cthulhu is forced to stay indoors.
cthulhu and son
Mr Cthulhu tries to interest himself in his sons dance, but mr Cthulhus has lived a sheltered life, the intricacies of modern ballet passes him right by.
cthulhu watching tv
Mr Cthulhu joins his wife in front of the television. Mr Cthulhus utter lack of any rudimentary knowledge of celebrity culture and his persistent questions about the the plot lines of the soap operas soon puts Mrs Cthulhu in a borderline state.
cthulhu snoaring
The fact that Mr Cthulhu copes badly with alcohol, a mere martini puts him safely to sleep. Mr Cthulhus mammoth snoaring finally puts Mrs Cthulhu into action.
mrs cthulhu puts her face on
Mrs Cthulu removes her curlers puts on her battle face, fetches her son and
mrs cthulhu goes to town
..head into town, no clown is to destroy her sanctuary..
to be continued .....


  1. Anonymous8:43 AM

    Yay! Can't wait!

  2. Actually, I'd think that Mr. Cthulhu's lack of knowledge of ANY cultures would be a bigger barrier than anything else. Why would an Elder God bother himself with the lives of lesser mortals even if he/it's been regulated to being less than a businessman? Such miniscule beings would be beneath his/its notice.

  3. We all have to grow up DeBT