Mr Cthulhu, hostile takeover

Part two:
cthulhu breakfasting
The day started as any other for mr Cthulhu and his family. Expect for the friendly slobberings of the every hungry shoggoth the silence was deafening..
cthulhu commuting
Commuting into town mr Cthulhu could swear he heard sniggering from a clown. Mr Cthulhu paid little heed to this, mr Cthulhus relationship towards clowns had alway been strained at best.
cthulhu arriving at work
Arriving at the office door, mr Cthulhu noticed that his keycard had stopped working and when buzzing the intercom he only got evil laughters in return. Only after buzzing for fifteen minutes he was finally let in.
cthulhu and a scary clown
Mr Cthulhu finally reached his office only to meet a clown. The Scary clown franchise had made a hostile takeover finishing off Cthulhu inc with the stroke of a pen.
cthulhu and garbage
Two sturdy clowns helped mr Cthulhu out of his former office. Landing hard amongst the garbage mr Cthulhu hits a new low. What now for mr Cthulhu...
cthulhu feeding ducks
Strolling aimlessly mr Cthulhu ends up in the park, feeding the duck his lunch. S o depressed was mr Cthulhu that he failed to notice a poodle spotting him...
to be continued..


  1. I never thought I would feel sorry for Cthulhu before. I hope he finds happiness.

  2. Man them scarey clowns make me so mad!

  3. Wow. I stumbled upon your site a month or two ago. I love the style of your art, and I visit pretty much every day. Now that you're chronicling Mr. Cthulhu's downfall, my life is complete! (Well, not complete--I guess you'd have to finish the story first . . . .)