Mr Cthulhu part 3, a poodle interlude

The poodle community is closely knit and soon there was not one poodle in town that didn't know that mr Cthulhu had been spotted without his Shoggoth
Lost in thought mr Cthulhu suddenly was awaken by a large amount of angry poodles heading towards him, this did not bode well..
Soon mr Cthulhu was running for his life, poodles have long memories and many where the poodle that bore scars from encounters with the Shoggoth. Hell hath no fury like a poodle scorned.
At last mr Cthulhu found safety in a tree, it soon was evident for mr Cthulhu that he was in for a long wait. For the first time of his life mr Cthulhu was afraid.
It was well into the night until rescue came. Mr Cthulhus son, worried that his father had failed to come home, had searched for him all over town aided by the Shoggots keen sense of smell.
Driving home in mr Cthulhus sons compact mr Cthulhu sat silent..
to be continued next week.


  1. Next week!!!! Don't think I can wait that long, after reading the first three so close together . . . (p.s. quite brilliant, by the way)

  2. cebosson6:52 AM

    The high light of my day.
    Will the star-spawn come to mr Cthulhu's rescue? I guess I will have to wait and see.

  3. I love the angry poodles! They make me laugh.

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  5. P.S. Linked to this and your book here:

  6. How I do love a good Cthulhu japery.

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  8. The cutest version of HP Lovecrafts Cthulhu ever. Not exactly what I envisioned when reading At the Mountains of Madness :-)