Mr Cthulu part 5, the wrath of the great old one

mrs cthulhu and car
Arriving in town, Mrs Cthulhu gives a card to her son with an address, she tells him to fetch a man living there.
scary clowns
At "Scary Clown" the CEO is enjoying the fiscal report on the year so far, the times sure are great for "Scary Clown"
cthulhu and clowns
Suddenly Mrs Cthulhu enters the room with a bang, stating she'll go Paleozoic on their asses if they do not return Cthulhu inc immediately. Instead of obeying Mrs Cthulhu the angry clown CEO pressed the alarm horn. Calling for help throwing the crazy woman out of the building.
Angry clown HQ
Strange sounds could be heard all over town, what fiendish deed did the scary clowns do to Mrs Cthulhu?
angry clowns
In her softest voice Mrs Cthulhu restated her demands. Now that the clowns had a better understanding of the Paleozoic era, they were more than willing to comply with her every wish.
Mrs Cthulhu son and Abdul Al Hazared
Back at the car Mrs Cthulhus son were waiting with a rather confused looking man dressed in a thawb.
To be concluded tomorrow...