Your glory days are over mr Cthulhu

cthulhu at work
The last couple of years have been tough for Cthulhu Inc. The company has seen a steady decline since the 1930 when the company had a virtual monopoly in scaring.
cthulhu scaring kids
Competition from new franchises like "Scary Clowns associates" and "Peek Oil ldt" has forced Cthulhu to take on smaller and smaller contract like country fairs and children's parties.
cthulhu in the old days
Long gone are the heydays when Chtulhu was a household name, and the mere name Cthulhu brought nightmares to people all around the globe.
mrs cthulhu watching television
At home the former Trophy wife, mrs Cthulhu spends her days in front of daytime soaps while the home turns to spoils.
cthulhu son lord of the dance
Mr Cthulhus son refuses to follow in mr Cthulhus footsteps joining the family firm instead opting for a career in dance
cthulhu scaring poodlesThe only highlight in mr Cthulhus life is taking the Shoggoth out for a walk scaring poodles....