Brushed critters

Yesterday I let the pen alone and choose instead just to use the brush (inspired by Alina Chau's bold brush strokes). I got spam anyway AAARRG, and today when I came to work I accidentally put the alarm on, this day start with a bang for sure, my pulse is raising like bananas (this is probably not the right way to express it in English, but I'm shaking here, still ringing in my ears).Update (named the creatures, if you will select your favorite) Minos Hemulus Spiky Mr leotard Mr Green Hornet Wolfgang Esmeralda Beetoven Ester Righty Erik Emrod Hubertha Fingald Parantie Columbia Red Porcupine Detlef the mighty Thor Coco is not afraid of flying Update.Got mentioned at, it's a rater nice summing up of my first 6 month of blogging.