Some favorites scenes from films

Today some moleskines, first some scenes from films, it's been a while since I watched some of the films so my memory might play tricks. This is the sphinx that guard my sketchbooks, questions three you have to answer to pass mee. And some self portraits can't get to much of them. Had to put on Word verification at last got tired of deleting spam comments, hope this will scare away the evil spammers. Feel I have to make a clarification about spam. This is spam. I've found your site when I was out surfing, didn't find what I where looking for but went to and earned 900$ in five minutes. This is not: Your work is truly godlike it fills me with joy and happiness, by your luxuriant artful existence I've learn' t to fly, I can cure cancer, divide by zero, I no longer feel the urge to smoke etc etc.